Thursday, September 15, 2016

How Do I Tell Him That His Mum and Siblings Want To Destroy Him?

My mother-in-law has issues with my husband, and all she wants is his downfall to the point of accusing me of stealing her two million naira. Recently my daughter was in a very good school, she said why that the school that my husband's step siblings are attending,
I kept quiet only for her to come and tell me my child wants to visit her daughter, and I had no say because my husband agreed without my consent.
Last month, they informed him that his sister wanted to go for a trip abroad with her kids and was to drop the child, that when she comes we should send the child down. My husband was angry because they said that my child was to console the daughter.
Now she came to fight me in public, calling me names, and even the mom was supporting unknown to my husband that it was a planned work to frustrate him. I don't know how to let him know that his mother and some of his siblings want to destroy him, even this his sister, and all these things are affecting me and the kids, my daughter's school, and ordinarily he knows his people and what they wish him, I don't know what to do, and her last child is like 24/25

It's not something you can approach with all confidence because he will naturally defend his family who have been there before you joined them. All you need to do is suggest, paint a picture of the scenario you're experiencing in your marriage and ask for his opinion or suggestions on that.
Telling him that his worst enemies are his family is to automatically say that you hate them and don't appreciate anything in their family.
On your part you must make sure that you don't allow his mother to run your marriage or dictate what happens to your child. You deserve to be informed before any major decision is made with respect to your child.
Get closer to your husband in such a manner that you can easily influence him, and know his plans or vision for the family.
As regards to his family and siblings, please avoid them like a plaque, and let your focus be to get the best for your family. Don't even border exchanging words with them or fighting against them, but ignore and move on with your life.
Their reactions may be as a result of their perception of you and your personality.
If your husband can move out of that particular environment, it will be perfect and healthy for your marriage and daughter, but where that is not possible, please learn to manage and ignore irrelevant things.

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