Thursday, September 15, 2016

Should I Continue With Her Or Quit?

I am in a relationship with a woman. We have been dating for over two years. We love and care for each other. Our major plan is for marriage. She's based in the state while I'm in the country. We were moving fine with ourselves. And since I don't make a mistake in choosing a life partner,
I prayed about it and God asked me to ask this lady to reveal what she has been hiding from me since we stated dating for two years.
It was this month of September 2016, the revelation came to me. I ask her if she has anything hidden from me, she said she has a kid, she said two kid boys. I shouted! I told her why won't she tell me this all these while, she said she was looking for a particular day to announce it to me. I don't know if to continue with her or quit. Some people says she is scared to lose me.

Though she may not be comfortable to share such information with you but if both of you had a vision of getting married to each other and she chose to keep this from you, well I'm worried about her sincerity and honesty to you.
Now that you know the truth about her personality, the ball is in your court to decide whether to continue with the relationship or to quite and move on with your life.
Her children is entirely different from her personality as a lady. Granted that her children, depending on the agreement between their father may change the dynamics of your marriage, but it's not what both of you cannot manage effectively if you genuinely love her.
But if you feel that you cannot cope with her and her baggage, please don't hesitate to move on with your life and trust God for your own wife.

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