Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Husband Pissed Me Off.

Good day ma,
Please I need your advice, my story goes thus
On Sunday, My husband and I with the kids went to the mall for shopping and to catch some fun, we have not spent thirty
minutes before he started complaining that he has headache, and his attitude changed.
He started being moody, unknown to me that he wants to watch football, his club was playing. I was so pissed off that we later exchanged words in the car. Immediately we got home, he drove out.
Since then we haven't talked that much.
Need your advice on how to tackle this issue.
God bless you ma.

No thanks to Manchester United for ruining your Sunday fun.
I know how embarrassing it can be for you to prepare for a wonderful time with your hubby and children only to realise that his mind and attention is in football and not his family.
There are some men who have great passion for some sports like football.
It's possible that he was bitter and angry because he placed a bet on the game and Man U cut his bet, or that he's a Manchester United fan and they've lost quite a number of games lately.
Please decide from the depth of your heart to let go, and apologise for your insensitivity to his emotions. Apologise for your words to him and assure him that Manchester United will bounce back in their next game.
Please before planning for any weekend fun, endeavour to check the fixtures so that it doesn't clash with your fun time. That way, he will have good time with you and also enjoy his football. 
If possible, whenever his club is playing, cheer him up and support his team so that you can get your feeding allowance and feeding bonus on time (you didn't hear this from my mouth.. Lol)
It's one of those things that you need to tolerate and accommodate to strengthen your marriage.

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