Thursday, September 22, 2016

Should I Donate My Kidney In Exchange for Scholarship?

Good morning Aunty Amara. Hope everything is going fine with you. Thank you for saving plenty lives and relationships, God make bigger.
I have a serious challenge, though not about relationship which I need your advice and that of the house. I have this very serious passion to be a pilot. It's a dream that is always in my eyes.
I dream it everyday, there is no single day that passes thoughts of flying doesn't cross my mind. It's a dream I can give up anything in order to achieve.
For nine years I have been looking for scholarship because it cost about $110,000 to complete training as a pilot which I or my family can't afford.
Lately a very crazy thought came to me to go and meet one doctor that runs a hospital for the rich, talk to him about the aviation, donate a kidney in exchange for the scholarship.
Yes! That's how strong  my passion and dream is. I have looked everywhere for scholarship but none seems to come so far.
I need advise. Would I be making a grave mistake donating one of my kidney? Or is it something I can do without any much adverse effect. Will also like doctors in the house to help. Though I have already done my research and the outcome of donating a kidney is what I think I can manage. Please this is where my shoe pinches me and I need help sincerely

From medical research you can live with one kidney but the challenge of living with one kidney is that if there's any challenge or infection on that kidney, it will be extremely difficult for the individual to survive on a long run. 
I know that the environment doesn't encourage youths with your kind of vision and the government doesn't have any incentive for individuals who have such vision. But I don't think that donating your kidney is the best way to source for your funds to achieve your vision. 
I would suggest that you write to local government chairman, or house of assembly member, or house of representatives member or senator representing your constituency or your governor and seek for financial support. 
You may also consider talking to your pastor, or the traditional ruler of your community to give you suggestions or an advise on how you can raise the funds for this project. 
Nobody will learn of your vision and not wish to assist you but donating your kidney is like making money at the expense of your health.
While you source for funds for further studies, please save from the little that you earn so that even if you are unable to raise enough for your programme, you can still go for a professional programme.
I wish you all the best in your vision.

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