Thursday, September 22, 2016

I'm Finding It Difficult To Move On Because I Truly Love Him.

Good day ma, ma please I really need your advice, am not able to concentrate in my final exams. Ma am 25 years old dating a guy of 38 years old, and am in my final year in school. I met this guy through Facebook, on out first day of seeing I naturally liked him. Though I just came out from a failed relationship and wanted to give myself some time but when he approached me, I decided to give it a trial.

He was really caring and loving, his family and friends were nice and accommodating. By June, he told me he doesn't love me that he was trying to develop a genuine feeling for me but it wasn't just happening, that I should please give him the month of August to see if he can gradually fall in love with me. That very day I cried because I was so pained, I really do love him but I still decided to move on with him. So the relationship was just there though he was still caring and nice.
Fast forward to September, I went to spend some time with him, we had some misunderstanding and he was really behaving funny. I was privileged to go through his Facebook, then I saw that he asked every girl out on Facebook begging for their numbers. I confronted him, then he became angry that I have no right to go through his phone because he does not go through mine.
The next day I left his house, he didn't call all through that day, we have been having misunderstanding often since he told me that he doesn't genuinely love me. Ma, I have decided to move on but am finding it really difficult to move on because I truly love him. What should I do to forget about him and move on.

Understand this fact that hanging on to the relationship is as good as wasting your time, emotions and resources to keep what won't work.
You can tell that he's already shopping for a replacement and even if you decide to give your all to him, it won't change his mind.
Every man has some physiological and psychological attributes that they look out for in a lady for them to connect or be attracted to her.
If he didn't find those attributes, he will definitely struggle with loving you or getting married to you. It doesn't mean that he hates you, but it only means that he may not marry you in the future.
To help you, quit communicating with him in all forms and platforms for sixty days, and learn to love yourself more by investing your energy in your academics so that you can graduate with the best results in your school.
Give yourself three months or more to heal and forget about everything that has to do with relationship until you're completely healed.
I know that 25 years is the perfect time to have a man of your own but the truth is that what you need now is a happy mind that will make a happy home.
If you insist on hanging on with him, please don't complain that he's cheating on you because he has already told you the basic truth that he doesn't feel the same way with you.

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