Thursday, September 22, 2016

Should I Reveal My Feelings for Him?

Good evening AVL
Please I truly need your advice. I met this guy almost a year ago, he is based in Lagos while I stay in Port Harcourt, and all these while we have been chatting on and off and I have developed strong feelings for him.

Whenever we chat he tells me of how he likes me, and the first time we met and all, but he has never asked me to be his girlfriend.
Please what do I do? Do I stop chatting with him or tell him outrightly that I have developed some feelings for him
Please am so confused right now.

When a man is fond of you, always chatting, calling, complimenting and delights in sharing his heart with you, it's good to enjoy the attention but it's also wise to understand his intentions to avoid 'misunderstanding his friendship' and wasting your time and emotions.
If you have communicated with a man for three to six months and you like him but he hasn't said anything, please don't be afraid to ask him what he has in mind for the friendship.
Don't make assumptions because it may not be in your favour, instead simply ask him to help you understand where he's heading to, and also know whether you are interested or not.
Don't reveal your emotions when you're asking for some clarifications because some men may take advantage of it and exploit your emotions.
Simply let him know that you wish to understand what he has in mind so that you don't make assumptions.

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