Friday, September 23, 2016

Should I Leave My Husband And Relocate To Another State for Internship?

Please I need your advise, I am a married woman with two kids and my husband is caring, loving and provides for us. I graduated last year and got an offer to do my industrial training in a very big industry that will pay me very well, but my problem now is how to leave my husband and relocate to another state for the IT.

Is true that am comfortable but I still need to work in order to help people around me like relatives. My hubby opened an industry in my son's name and told me to manage it and stay with him and our children because he is very fond of them. My second reason is his family members, they see me as an obstacle but only God knows my intentions towards them. I have tried everything I can to be friends with them, I give them things but they see me as a pretender.
My hubby too have really tried for them but they squandered everything he did for them and became angry that he is married and left them. My last baby is four months, they didn't even come to see the new baby, they called my co wife and asked whether I gave birth normally or did it as usual (through cesarean section) because my first child was through CS. Sometimes I feel that they will turn my husband against me because they are not Christians. Please advise me.

They will only achieve that if you don't play your role as the wife and the closest companion to your husband. If you place monetary gains over the unity happiness of your family, and your desire to provide for your family supersedes your need to build your business and give your best to support your husband, you will be exposing him to fears, worries and concerns about your loyalty, fidelity and commitment to your marriage. 
I understand that you wish to make more money to impress your family but please don't lose your home because you want to impress your parents. 
Just like you testified that you're comfortable with your husband, it won't be wise for you to leave your children and your husband and relocate to another city because you want to make more money for your parents. I will rather suggest that you look for companies within your vicinity that will accept you so that you can have enough time for your children and your husband. 
What is most important in your career now is experience and exposure to your profession and not necessarily money. 
You don't necessarily need to be friends with your in-laws, that may not be possible for obvious reasons and you don't need to feel bad about that. All you need to do is respect his family, shower them with good deeds and ignore their tantrums. 
They feel that you're a pretender, their business, they feel that you're not a good wife for their son, their headache, they wish you evil, it will return to them, but never you disrespect, fight or exchange words with them. Whether they came to see your baby or not is not relevant, God saw you through and today your baby is growing and you're there for him, that's the most important thing. 
Don't expand irrelevant things and waste your time observing those who doesn't see anything good in you, it's not your job or your fault that your husband loves you. 
Simply get close to your husband, shower him with much love, appreciative him for all his good intentions for you and your children, and support him in your own little way. 
Whatever is your fears can be addressed in the place of prayers. Pray for your husband and pray with your husband, the God who brought him to you will definitely preserve him for you. Please avoid giving the devil the room to destroy your marriage by your own ambition.

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