Friday, September 23, 2016

I Told Him To Divorce His Wife.

Greetings ma, keep up your good work. I once told you of a man who said he loves me but never told me that he's married until I got to find out from Facebook and you told me to flee away. Lately, he has been on my neck saying that he want to marry me.
The wife just put to bed, but he's saying that he's not happy in the marriage and I tried knowing his reason. He said he dated the lady for six months, all of a sudden she said that she's pregnant, she and her people came to his family house and was ranting.
So he had to accept which his mother talked to him and supported him and he did the necessary traditional rites. On the night of their traditional wedding, this lady saw her period and said she had a miscarriage, because of that they went to the clinic to run a pregnancy test but they got to know that she was not pregnant.
So the guy just had to accept it but at the end of the day, he's not enjoying the marriage, she doesn't take care of him. He said that he wants to marry me, I told him to go and tell his mum and he did so the mum said she will come up with a plan.
Ma what should I do because I told him to divorce his wife. Ma to be sincere I love this guy, he's the type of guy every man wish to have as a husband. He said I should just say yes, if he decides to tell his tell the wife that he's picking a second wife, him and his wife knows why, that she will accept it.
Advice me ma, thanks.

Let's analyse all you have said concerning this man and his marriage. 
According to you, he told you that he dated his wife for six months and all of a sudden she said that she was pregnant. Let's assume that truly she framed her pregnancy to marry him, she succeeded because both of them were sexually active which means that he was prepared for whatever came with his decision. 
According to you again, he informed his mother and they both agreed to marry her, and after paying her bride prize he discovered that she wasn't pregnant, and he decided to continue with the marriage. 
If truly she framed the pregnancy and he so much hated her, he would have cancelled the wedding and return the dowry, but he accepted her and wedded her before God and the congregation. 
And according to you who is now the counsellor for unhappy married men, he told you that he's not happy with his marriage and that his happiness is with you, that she doesn't take care of him yet she took in for him and had a child for him. 
So as you are warming up to replace his legitimate wife, you now told him to inform his mother and also divorce his wife so that you can park in and become his happy wife. 
Your breast and your gorgeous buttocks couldn't attract any single man out there but it can destroy couples who are married. 
Madam, the man you're talking about here is not a kid even if he's acting as one. I initially told you to fly, leave, escape and evaporate but you seem to be busy destroying the marriage of another lady in the name of loving him. 
You don't have any business with an unhappy married man, if truly he's unhappy with his wife and he feels that he's no longer comfortable with his wife, he knows what to do to be happy, you don't need to tell him to divorce his wife simply because you love him. 
And from the option that he presented to you, he wants you to be his second wife. Now let me ask, do you wish to settle for a second wife? 
I personally don't think that you need any advice because your selfishness and evil intentions have beclouded your sense of reasoning. 
I have one advice for you, remember that the measure with which you meet to others is the same measure that will be meted to you. 
Hopefully someday he will meet another lady and tell her that you were the worst mistake he ever made, by then you will be an abandoned cargo, perhaps his mother will come up with a plan to boot you out of his life. 
Please don't meddle with those who are married, they know how to resolve their differences, you have little or no idea what is going on in their marriage, and even if they're tired of their marriage, don't have anything to do with any man who have not legally divorced his wife in your own best interest. Even if he's on your neck, please keep running for your own good.

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