Friday, September 23, 2016

I'm Falling Out Of Love With My Boyfriend.

Good morning aunty, may God continue to bless you for all your good words of encouragement and love.
I have been dating this guy since May and we usually go to visit him once in two months cos he's based in Uyo and am schooling in Abia state. I love my boyfriend with all my heart that's why each time I go visit him I do all the house chores including his laundry.

I have never asked him for a dime before not even for a N100 call card and he doesn't even give me a dime apart from the transport fare I'll use in going back to school yet I still love him. I am not writing because he doesn't assist me financially, my problem with him is that he finds it difficult to call me or text or even chat me up on any of the social networks, in fact I do most of the calling despite I'm not working, rather I'm schooling but he works. To even make matters worse, he introduced me to his friends that am a friend to him but when we are alone he says am his girlfriend.
I have talked to him severally about this, ma he still won't change. There's something have always prayed to God for, I always pray to get married before my final year and am about entering my finals in school. I received a prophecy concerning a young man who'll be coming to ask for my hand in marriage and the prophecy came to pass immediately and this young man in question is a gentleman to the core he hasn't even slept with me before. All he wants is to come and see my people for the formal introduction and am the one holding not to come yet.
The mother and siblings of this young man calls me almost everyday. I even told my boyfriend about this young man's proposal, and all he said is that I should pray over it and I have been doing that. I think am beginning to fall out of love for my boyfriend because his attitude of not calling hasn't changed a bit.
Please aunty I need your advice on what to do because am thinking of giving this other young man a chance.
Note: I have always complained to my boyfriend about his attitude of not even calling or texting me even before this new suitor came into the picture. My boyfriend can stay two weeks without calling me unless I am the one to call him and then he'll be apologizing. I have cried and complained but no change from him. I feel I should move on with my life. Thanks ma

You don't need to explain yourself so much, the truth is that God just delivered you from the hand of your oppressor boyfriend, try and share your testimony in your church. 
There's no rules to a relationship, yes when you love an individual, you will naturally have the desire to help, give, support and assist in your own little way, and this feelings is mutual and selfless. 
But in a situation where you use your parent's pocket money to call, chat, plead for love and affection, and visit him, in addition to offering free services like romance and sex, you're no longer in a relationship but you have been kidnapped by your oppressor, and I thank God for answering our prayers to release all oppressed girls who in the name of relationship have lost their identity and personality. 
He doesn't love you, he's only tolerating you and maximising you to the fullest, that's the reason why he introduced you as his friend. Bottom line, he doesn't have any long-term plan for you and the relationship. 
So kindly inform him that God have answered your prayers and you now need to move on with your life, if he asks for evidence, simply encourage him to read this mail and my reply to this, he won't disturb you again. 
As for the second man, please don't be in a hurry to get married to any man, but take your time and know about his personality and vision before thinking of marriage. Please take your time, start from friendship and build things up from there. Whether you marry before you enter final year or you marry after graduation, God ministered to me that you will definitely get married but what matters most is not when you marry but who you are married to. 
So don't be in a hurry, if he's God's will, he'll always be there for you, and guess what, after wedding you won't climb to heaven immediately, but you will still be here for a very long time, so take your time okay, and make sure that you marry the man that your heart is comfortable with because you need a man that will give you peace of mind and fulfilment in all areas of your marriage.


  1. Dear,going by your level of reasoning,do you really think you are ready for marriage? Forcing yourself into a blessing you have not prepared for,will turn that blessing into a curse?
    Okay.....after getting married then what? You have no sense of purpose,mission,destiny nor identity,and the most important thing to you now,is marriage? What is your life really about? Where are you headed,or are you waiting for marriage to give your life meaning?!

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