Friday, September 23, 2016

I Am Deeply Saddened, Heartbroken, Hurt and Worried.

Hello Madam, I am in deep pain and heart broken at the moment and I therefore need your counsel. I am from Rivers but dating a girl from Akwa Ibom for over two years now. I intended to marry her but after the first year of the relationship I lost my job. She has not been very demanding as she understood my situation as a result of the job loss. The loss of job also created a distance between us because my former job city was quite close to the city she was schooling.

I loved her deeply and imminently so I wanted the best for her. I gave her significant support financially and morally during the period of my job and even a after my job loss. After her last subscription expired, I didn't have money to subscribe for her immediately because things were very tough for me. However I often reached out to her from time to time via phone call. It is worthy to note that she was rounding up her school program that period and also needed some money to pay but I didn't have any to support.
She later told me that her parents have settled all her bills in school. She told me via short message service (sms) that she was travelling back home from school, and I replied wishing her safe journey  back. I didn't reach her afterwards because I was very sick and I also realised that she has subscribed her data but never contacted me for about two weeks.
I finally called her yesterday she rejected my calls, sent me sms not to call her again. When she eventually answered my call, she told me that she has moved on long ago, and that I should therefore stop calling her.
I am deeply saddened, hurt, heart broken and worried. It is worthy to note that the phones she is currently using I bought them for her. I did everything within my capacity to show that I love her.
I am 32 while she is 27years old.

I am deeply sorry for the job loss and how your partner dumped you. It's very obvious that she was in love with your money and not with you, this is actually what pains me more.
Truth is that not all ladies who claim to love you is truly in love with you, and it's only in trying and challenging times that you can tell who truly is your friend and who genuinely care about you.
You were carried away by your emotions and immediately you lost your job, it was very obvious that she never loved you.
Please wake up, encourage yourself, and press on to a greater height. That you lost your job doesn't mean that you will remain jobless, no it doesn't mean that you will remain poor, and it also doesn't mean that you should give up on yourself.
It's time for you to think of businesses and investments that you can go into and generate wealth. Don't worry about a lady who doesn't see anything good in you except your money, forget about all that you did for her, it's a seed that will yield increase in the future, look ahead to your future and give your best in your endeavours.
You also need to thank God for saving you from her hands because if she could act up in this manner for a temporary job loss, I'm wondering what she would have done if you were married to her.
Thank God for delivering you from the hands of a devourer who never had anything good to add into your life.
You need a lady who will stick with you at all times and in all seasons. You need a lady who believes in your personality and your vision, and is willing to work with you, sow into your life and sacrifice to help you succeed.
You need a real lady, a lady who won't be comfortable with always receiving from you all the time but will desire to see you prosper and save more.
Though the job loss was unplanned but maybe God used the job loss to expose what would have been a colossal loss if you ended up with her, because you would have ended up working so hard and achieving so little.
You will definitely rise again, you will definitely make it in life, and I assure you that you will find a better lady who will love you selflessly and give her all to make sure that you succeed in life.

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  1. Ask for God's grace not to be bitter at her,move on with your life and you'll be surprised at a better package God has in stock for you.Cheer up beloved.


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