Friday, September 23, 2016

He Always Demand For Hugging, Kissing and Sex.

Good day ma, to God Almighty be the glory for the wonderful work he has been using you to do. Please I want to ask you a question. 
I am a 21 years old girl, I have a guy am currently in a relationship with, he is a student and will be graduating next year. He loves me so much and I do too but the problem is the fact that he always wants
me to be romantic like romancing, kissing, hugging and if possible have sex which I believe is a sin to God cos we are not married yet, but he sees it as nothing, and anytime I go to visit him he would like to romance, kiss and touch which I do feel bad after doing it with him cos I believe it is a sin. 
Please can you advice me on what to do cos am confused whether to quit or retain him thanks.

At 21 years old you're no longer a girl but a young and beautiful lady. At this age you have features that can make a man sing a love song for you within seconds, thank God for his wisdom in creating a lady. 
It is absolutely and entirely normal for a man desire to touch, kiss and romance your body. 
Now that both of you love each other and desire to grow in love with each other, there's a need for both of you to agree on the things that both of you wish to do in the relationship and set some boundaries to help you avoid anything that you are not comfortable with or prepared for. 
If you are not comfortable with kissing, romancing, hugging and sex, please let him know, and explain your concerns about these activities, if he's comfortable with your decision he will stick with you, but if he's not comfortable with that, you may need to move on with your life. 
Don't allow anyone to push you into doing those things that your spirit and soul is not comfortable with. You need a partner who will accept your personality and wait until you're emotionally prepared for the kind of affection that he craves for.

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