Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My Wife Exposes Me To Her Family.

Hello ma, I don't know what do because I really love my wife and our two kids, but the problem is that whatever that happened between us, almost every member of her family do intervene, to extent that they taught her a lot of things.

She was with her sister one Sunday afternoon after she has reported me to her of my action against her when I discovered my money missing in the house, I have to seize her phone and she reported to her sister, and in her presence her sister called and started raining curses on me, she even told me she is coming to meet me at our home, but my wife couldn't do anything to stop her.
Her mother is also not helping the matters by telling me am not just the type to marry her daughter, the younger brother told me this when I discovered she has been cheating on me. Her brother said 'trust is not something I can get in the supermarket, that all men share a woman, am just lucky to be a shareholder'.
Please help me out, I don't want to leave her because of my two kids.

This is really pathetic especially when your own wife exposes you, insults you and disrespects you in front of your in-laws. Even if there were some things that you did which she wasn't comfortable with, there are many ways to address it than to call all her siblings, and then allow them to insult you and humiliate you. 
Please you need to get hold of your marriage and act as the leader in your home. If she's no longer interested in making the marriage work, please she has the freedom to leave your home, but she has no right to ride on your humility and personality. 
Get your family involved and sit down with her family, and deliberate on the issues in your marriage. Let the elders also talk to her about her role and responsibilities in her marriage. If she is comfortable with writing to me, please encourage her to write to me so that I can have a word or two with her. 
Whether she leaves the marriage or not, your children belongs to you and once you have the means to cater for them, you have every right to demand for your children. 
Please don't act like a slave in your own home, and don't give room to little brat to insult you. 
If truly your wife is cheating on you and her brother could vomit such a rubbish to you, it's obvious that she's no longer interested in the marriage. 
Please utilise every available options to reconcile with your wife, and if all fails, get hold of your children and move on with your life.

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