Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Not Comfortable With The Idea of Him Living With Another Lady.

Good day ma. Please ma I need your sincere advice. I have been married for eleven years and we have been trusting God for the fruit the womb. And it's our desires, myself and hubby, to relocate to the USA some years back, but we both have been skeptical because we do not have the right papers to live there.
We got in touch with one of our family friend. We told them we will like to relocate and they advice that I stay behind why my hubby comes over to sort out his paper legally before I joined him. And the means is him getting married to someone over there.
My issue is that my hubby has a low sperm count which we have been trying to treat all these years. Though hubby has promised that he will never disappoint me, that at some point in time I can always come in for vacation while we also plan for our IVF treatment over there.
Am not too good with this idea of him living with another woman which I have made him to understand, but he's bent on doing that so we can have the legal papers. Though it's my desire to live abroad, and at the same time am worried over this arrangement. I felt am toying with my marriage.
Kindly advice a worried sister. Thanks

I will not encourage you to feed a monkey with a long spoon because the monkey may use the spoon as a bridge to get to you. Living abroad is not a bad idea as long as you gain your access through a legitimate means for a legitimate purpose. 
Your husband's decision to marry a white lady, deceive her and at the same time use her to get his papers is totally against the vows of faithfulness and commitment both of you share in your marriage, and it will expose your marriage to many unpalatable challenges. 
It's always better to err on the side of caution than to allow the devil to mess up with your marriage. Please I will suggest that you have a heart to heart discussion with your husband and vehemently discourage him from this venture. 
Both of you can try IVF in Nigeria or you can get a visiting visa application and try the IVF in US, but do not encourage him to go on with that venture because it has so much than you can possibly imagine.

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