Sunday, September 4, 2016

Should I Borrow For Him?

Greetings ma, May the Lord strengthen you, please ma I really need your help. I met a guy in February, we went into a relationship which he promised to marry me, not quite long he lost his job, depending on my salary and even before he lost his job, always demanding for money.

He asked me to lend him some money to start up a business and pay back gradually, but I refused because I don't have and even if I borrowed for him, he may not pay back.
Now he lost his step-mother and was called up for burial and he's still demanding money from me, telling me to ask for my four months salary in advance. He had accommodation problem even before we met and was staying with one of his brother, according to him, not knowing he was staying with a female friend who he said was his ex.
Please ma, am lost in thought, not knowing what to do, help me ma.

He is cheating on you or should I say that you're only an option to him and the reason why you're still relevant to him is because he's feeding on your salary, the very moment you stop receiving salary will be the very day the relationship will come to an end. 
I am not against supporting a man who is in need nor am I going to discourage you from assisting a man if you wish to, but I am entirely against a man whose mission is to exploit and destroy your life and destiny all in the name of love or relationship. 
Please do not under any circumstances borrow money for him, and I have no idea why you should be dating a man who is sleeping with another lady. 
As far as I'm concerned, you're only his financial assistant manager, not his partner, and I feel that you deserve better than that.

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  1. I am always loving d kind of advised u give Ma may God continue to be wt u for me long life.


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