Thursday, September 8, 2016

Should I Continue With Him or Quit?

Good evening ma, I thank God for wisdom and the way you treat peoples issue, is my friend that directed me here and I pray and hope my own will be solved.
I have been in this relationship for nine months now and we are intending to settle down by December, but I visited him at his house without giving him notice. To my greatest surprise,
I knocked for five minutes before the door was opened for us (me and his best friend), I saw a lady's slippers in front of his front door, so I just controlled myself, because I know the girl, he acted as if he was busy washing his cloths, the girl was doing as if she owns the house, searching every corner of the room, making noise.
Then I just kept myself busy with his tablet phone, I just went through his WhatsApp messages, infact mummy I was dumbfounded, series of love messages to different girls, immediately he saw, me he rushed and took his tablet from me.
After everything the girl now left and he dropped me. Since then I have not reacted to him about this incidence. Please mummy advice me, what will I do? Should I continue with the relationship or should I quit?

Is there any reason why you should react to him? I don't think that you should waste your time and emotions trying to explain what's obviously clear to the blind and the deaf.
My suggestion is for you to testify to the glory of God how God delivered you from the hands of the minister for ladies affairs.
If you were looking for a man who is emotionally mature and spiritually prepared for marriage, you would have been crushed by his attitude.
Thank God who ordered your steps and opened your eyes to see what his words couldn't reveal.
You really need to thank God for this.
Congratulations is in order.

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