Friday, September 30, 2016

Should I Go Into A Blood Covenant With Him?

Good morning ma, am  into a serious relationship with a guy, he truly loves me and I also love him too.... Sometimes I don't trust him, I feel he's cheating on me, although have not seen anything but he's saying that if I don't trust him
or if I think he's cheating on me that lets do blood covenant but I don't think is a good idea.... 
Please ma, I need your advice... Is it a good idea to go into blood covenant with him?  
Note: am not desperate to get married cos I need to prepare myself psychologically, mentally, and financially... I need to get a job before getting married...

Blood covenant doesn't restore a broken trust so why go into a blood covenant when you are already in a covenant with grace? 
Blood covenant is occultic and demonic, it has severe consequences especially when both both parties fail to keep the terms and conditions of such covenant. 
If you don't trust him, the question is why don't you trust him? Why do you suspect him of cheating on you? If you don't have any genuine evidence against him, why then do you compare him with other men? 
That some men cheat doesn't mean that everyone cheats on their partner. You need to figure out why you're worried or why you don't trust him and address it so that both of you can work together and build your relationship. 
Please desist from every form of blood covenant, the only covenant that you're permitted to partake in is the covenant of grace in Christ Jesus and the covenant of marriage.

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