Saturday, October 1, 2016

My Mind Tells Me That Something is Wrong.

Good evening Aunt Amara. Please, something has been bothering me since. A guy sent me friend request on Facebook which I accepted. I don't know him in person and I hardly chat with him online. He claimed that he's based in Germany. So, I then asked for his Skype identity and mobile number which he gave to me.  I only called him twice on the number he sent to me. 
So, at a time, he said is like I'm a busy person that I hardly chat with him online. I said yes.
Then,  during my time of leave from work, I opened Imo just because of him, I was constantly chatting with him on WhatsApp, Imo and Facebook.  He has never ever called me on mobile phone before. I was the one who called him only twice.  
So two weeks ago, he told me that he's going to Berlin to buy a Highlander jeep for his uncle in the village. I said that's good. And when I chatted with him that morning, I saw a small baby girl, when I inquired to know who she is? He asked the girl to say hello to me. The question the little girl asked him was this, who is she? He answered the little girl that I'm his sister. I was shocked by that answer.  
So after two days, he called me again on Imo and said I should send my naked pictures to him which I refused. He said if I do not send the pictures to him, that he will conclude that I'm with a man. I told him to go ahead and conclude whatever he wants. 
So the next morning he blocked me from Facebook, when I noticed that, I also blocked him on WhatsApp, Imo, Skype and all the online chatting media. I also deleted his mobile number from my phone. So, after a week, I saw a foreign number that kept calling me. When I picked, he said so I'm so wicked like that? I asked him, what did I do? He said anyway, that he is calling me for me to help him and send the sum of ten thousand naira to his elder sister who is married. I asked him where is your sister, he said she is in Calabar with the husband. 
I then asked the guy, you have never ever cared to call me before. This is your first time of calling me and here you are asking me for money. How does that sound? He said, please, that where he is now, he does not have access to bank or money. By the time I could finished speaking with him, his sister call came in, I picked. She said am his brother's girlfriend? I said no, that we are just Facebook friends.  
She pleaded with me to send her the sum of ten thousand naira. I asked for her account but to my surprise, her account bears a different name while she answers another name. Although I have not sent the money to her. She and the guy keeps calling me daily.  My mind tells me that something is wrong. Please kindly advice me. 
Thank you.

Thank God for saving you from the hands of online scammers. Thank God for delivering you from the evil plots of your enemies. 
Lord we return all the glory to you for saving your daughter from another online scam marriage with the intention to defraud her of her hard earned ten thousand naira. 
Lord please receive all our praise and thanksgiving in Jesus name Amen. 
We are using this medium to pray for as many as that are being deceived by marriage, love and relationship on social media, may you deliver them as you delivered your daughter in Jesus name Amen.

Please delete, block, thrash, and destroy anything and everything that connects you with the man, his so called sister, and his grandmother that is yet to call you. 
Please avoid sending your money to help anyone who is sick online in the name of love or relationship or marriage, please they're SCAMMERS. 
Flee for your own good and save the money for your own use. 
Thank God for saving you.


  1. What many people don't know about this woman is that the real reason her Husband kicked her out was her affair with a guy called Chimaroke who lived at Omole phase one and was always at her Spa office where they meet regularly for sex until Mr Tony Ulasi (his friends call him Tony the good) walked in on them and closed the Spa. When this happened, Chimaroke's friends abandoned him and avoided him because he was sleeping with a married woman (this same AMARACHI Nwosu) AND also because they were afraid that Tony the Good might attack him, so none of his friends ever wanted to do anything with Chimaroke who ran away to Atlanta where he currently lives. The next thing she did was to start sleeping with another married retired army officer whom she used to harass her husband until the guy moved to Ghana in 2009. People have her record and very soon they will call her out on this same social media that created her fake life. A woman who does not allow her husbands three daughters from visiting her home and the old hag just keeps quiet. The real story of her life will soon break the internet and maybe then those who know her one on one will come out and say something about her ugly secrets and the countless married men she was sleeping with before she met Francis

  2. We're you there? Why do you hide under an anonymous poster. Come out openly with your ID if what you said is true. This kind of malicious accusation to slander our dear Aunty Amara's reputation is evil. Who are you to even judge your fellow human? Are you God? Are you without sin? Please take several seats back Ka anyi nu ife mehn.


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