Thursday, September 8, 2016

Should I Walk Away or Wait Till December?

It all started two years ago when I met my boyfriend through Facebook, I was serving then. He stayed in Lagos, I visited him once, he later went to stay with his brother in the east. It was through his brother's wife that I got to find out he had a problem in his business, but that did not stop me from loving. I showed him love, care until he got a place where he is managing now. But he is still staying with his brother, he talks about marriage but he keeps shifting it.

So in April this year I took in for him, so he came and saw my parents, they exchanged address for questions, so he said he would inform his own parents, but there was a burial going on in their compound so we had to wait till after the burial. Along the line I lost the pregnancy, and since then he has stopped saying anything about it, worst part of it is he is not caring and his behaviour has changed.
I think he is flirting with other girls though I haven't caught him, but the kind of calls he makes when am with him shows that. Whenever I ask him about the introduction/marriage, he will tell me not to be in a hurry, that he has shifted it till December, and when I ask him if he has gotten a house, he will tell me that he doesn't have money, and if am in a hurry, I should help out.
Aunty am just confused, he procrastinates a lot, I don't know if I should walk away or stay and wait till December. I will be 27 years by next year. Thanks

I visited him, I told him, I supported him, I took in for him, I found out about his failed business, I asked him, but I haven't caught him.
This is a typical example of a desperate lady who want to get married to any man by all means.
Marriage is not good for ladies alone, it's also good for men, I mean the little exposure and experience when you had sex with him should have made you understand that what makes you moan with pleasure also makes him pump with pleasure.
The moment it seems as though you're the only one talking about marriage in your relationship, it's a desperation alert and your best bet is to give him some space and allow him to decide what he wish for in the relationship.
You met him on Facebook, you took your body to Lagos, got his baby, then spent your money to fix his business. He came to meet your family because of your pregnancy and not necessarily because he loves you, and as soon as you lost your pregnancy, he returned to the 'I don't know you' status.
I won't tell you whether to wait for him or not but please save yourself from your desperation. You're too beautiful to beg for love and marriage, if he doesn't wish to marry you, don't force it.
Develop yourself, dream big and think of becoming the best in your endeavours, and men will desire to marry you.

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  1. All the signs are leading you to one big tough decision. Based on his action, he does not care about you anymore and now that your baby is gone, his true intentions has show. For me, you don't need to wait till December, confront him now and set things straight now. Just like what write custom essays here wrote "Don't prolong the agony of waiting."


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