Thursday, September 8, 2016

Unless I Leave My Church, He Won't Marry Me.

Please I need help! August 20th made us our relationship six years. We did introduction (both families coming to know each other) collected marriage list March 2013, then I was still in school. Until October 2013, he changed from Catholic church to Holiness, saying he watched videos of people that went to hell
and came back to the world, that I should leave my church and start attending his before marriage can take place...
Although it took me some time to follow him but I stopped because I don't believe in such. He started telling me don't wear trousers, don't use attachment, don't use make up, stop your Pentecostal church, and attend Deeper life, Holiness or Watchman, that those that died and came back said so. It became a very big issue up till now.
He has all the qualities, we are best of friends. We love each other but we no longer have the same believe. I should obey all he said before marriage. No watching of television, piercing of female ear, no use of perfume, I dress well but he must complain that I should cover from head to toe that is holiness.....
He just changed from who I used to know, giving me orders I must do. He said a woman must submit to the man..... When it comes to love he is perfect! He is my first love, by November I will be 26 years and he is 31 years, we have dated for six years.

That is the power of brainwashing and brain resetting at work in him.
The only truth that every Christian must submit to is the word of God, apart from that, every other thing is men's perception and opinion of God.
Since he feels and he's convinced that Holiness, Deeper Life and Watchman is the only church approved in heaven, and according to him, if you don't obey to his command, he won't marry you, you have two options, either to obey and transform to his kind of woman or you move on with your life.
He's only exhibiting an attitude of a manipulative and domineering personality, and the only way to please him is by obeying his last command. If you know that you are not comfortable with his demands and you're not willing to follow him to his place of worship, kindly terminate the relationship and trust God for your own husband.
Dating a man for six years doesn't guarantee that he'll marry you, and I also feel that God really saved you from getting married to a man who is out to transform you and frustrate your life.
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