Thursday, September 8, 2016

Is It Wise For Me To Help Him?

Good evening ma, please l need your candid advice....
Am a student also about enter final year and am in a serious relationship with a guy.... He's a graduate and also working but they are not paying him well, even according to what he told me that they are still owning them July and August salaries.
He's also doing his masters and right now he's writing he's project... But he needs financial assistance from me, am scared of investing in this relationship cos the last relationship I was, after investing/helping my ex I never knew he was cheating on me... After helping people they always pay me back with bad things, but there's some time this year I asked him for money N4000, he said he doesn't have.... But now he's asking for financial assistance from me...
Please ma, I need your advice, is it wise for me to help him?....
Note: I don't have much but I do get financial assistance from my siblings and I also love him and he love me too

I wanted to ask you if you have, but you answered it on your note section that you don't have much.
Don't always compare your partner with your ex, remember that you're dealing with different individual so let what's behind you remain in the past.
Since you're a student just like he is, kindly let him know that you don't have, but if you have enough to support him, please do not not offer to help because you are dating him or because you want him to marry you or because you want him to give you, but only and solely because you want to selflessly support and help him achieve his goal in his project.
Whether he decides to marry you or feels otherwise shouldn't have anything to do with your assistance.
So if you wish to assist him without any hidden motive, please go ahead but if you don't have enough, please let him know that you wish to support him but that you don't have enough cash.

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