Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Devil is Using Him as an Obstacle in my Relationship.

Good evening madam! I have something on my mind that is
bothering me; it goes like this.
Last year, after I left my guy in South Africa because of his attitude, I met another guy who is jobless, though he's a graduate and manage a tiling work. To be sincere he's a nice guy but I don't like how he always come to my house in the evening and my mum always give him food and I don't like it.

I have warned him several times, but he didn't stop. Where am going is this, last year, one of my street brother came to my house, even informed my parent about it that he has a cousin that is in Dubai, he wants him to marry me, and I even told him that I have hooked up with someone which he refused and gave the guy my number, even planned my travelling trip and wedding with him. Later the guy came this year, I didn't know the spirit that led me not to attend to him well.
To cut it short, I saw him once and we didn't discuss well before he went back. Last two weeks now, my closest friend called me and started pouring her mind out, told me to quit with my guy here because he hasn't started working, she doesn't think his future is bright and accept the guy in Dubai, said I should consider my parents and am 30 years and the first born of the family.
She even told me that devil use this guy as my obstacle for me because since I started dating him, he haven't bought something good for me, he doesn't have plan for me. I'm so worried for all I heard. Even my parent has kept mute about my relationship with him.
I need your advice ma, thanks ma.

She told you to quit your relationship with your boyfriend in Nigeria because someone arranged a man who is in Dubai for you, and you feel that he's better than the Nigerian 'jobless' man according to you.
Now that you left your South African boyfriend, you want to switch over to Dubai so that you can make all the money that your family needs.
That is a wrong foundation for you to build your relationship because you may end up with a partner who doesn't share the same vision and convictions with you.
Why not humble yourself and find out what your first partner has in mind for you before deciding whether to continue with him or not. Why not decide within your heart to make your life productive by engaging in a skill or vocation that will provide all you need and avoid seeing a relationship as an avenue for wealth creation.
Even if you feel that the Dubai partner is the one that your heart desires, what exactly do you know about him? Do you know if he's married already? Do you know his personality and temperament? If he came back and both of you couldn't discuss well and get to know each other, why do you think that he's better than your current partner?
I'm only curious about what is motivating you or pushing you to feel that he's better than your current partner, or is it because he always come to your house for dinner?
If according to you, your current partner is nice and responsible, why don't you work with him and help him readjust his lifestyle and plan towards getting married? There are some men that needs some advice, suggestions, and selfless devotion to help them achieve more and fulfil their purpose.
But if you feel that your friends suggestion is wiser or best for you, then you may consider it and do as she directed, but always bear it in mind that not all that glitters have great content.

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  1. I don't want to believe u are 30 years
    You need to define urself too and know what you want


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