Monday, September 5, 2016

Don't Want To Get Old And End Up Not Getting Married.

Good evening ma, please madam there is something that has been bothering me, and I need your advice and that of your fans.
There is this guy I have dated for years and he proposed to me last year, I accepted but he is facing a lot of family problems that made him to hold on now for our marriage.

I met another guy this year because my girlfriends told me that I should not lay all my eggs in one basket and I'm very close to this my new guy.
The problem now is that my new guy keeps telling me that he doesn't have anything to do with his ex any longer but she keeps visiting him.
I love my first guy so much, and I believe that he loves me too because he is also assisting in my academics, but my problem now is that we girls are like flowers and I don't want to get old or end up not getting married.
Ma please I need your advice and that of your fans but please fans don't insult me because I'm really confused.

What kind of a lady are you really? What exactly do you want in a man and in a relationship? What virtues and values do you have that will be a blessing to your husband in future? Why are you living a deceptive and a manipulative life? And who told you that your beauty is enough to keep you in a man's world? 
A man sacrificed his all, dated you for years, proposed marriage to you last year, and you gladly accepted him and his proposal. Just within one year of accepting his proposal, you're already very close to another man, probably having sex with him? Young lady that's selfish and unfortunate. 
Why didn't you visit your friends to advise you before accepting his proposal? Since you didn't want to put all your eggs in one basket, why didn't you return the one egg that you received from another man? Or doesn't your family have problems? 
You can't command a man's respect by living in deception and desperation. The very moment you accept a man's proposal, you are meant to shut off every other form of dating because you are now in the courtship phase of your relationship. 
If for any reason you feel that marriage is not forthcoming or that he's not the kind of man that you desire, then you will return his ring back to him and move on with your life, and not to keep his ring and be sleeping with men all around.
To be candid, you don't understand what loving and marriage entails, because if you do, you won't be distributing your eggs in all the basket, but you will support your partner, encourage him, find out ways to assist him even if it be with prayers and encouraging words. You will be there to cheer him up and inspire him. 
I can't believe that you betrayed a man who has been there for you and have invested his sweat in your academics because your friends told you to distribute all your eggs and marry anyone who is available for marriage. 
There is so much more in marriage than getting married on time or getting married to any man. You need to understand what marriage entails and have a vision of what you want your marriage to be like so that you don't get married to a man who doesn't share the same vision and convictions with you. You need to discover yourself, your purpose, your passion before you think of the man who you wish to marry. 
Jumping from one man to another doesn't make you a wise lady, nor does it guarantee that you will marry at a young age.
If you truly love your first partner who is your fiancĂ©, if you are happy with his personality and vision as a man, if you truly care about his success and progress in life, you won't be busy checking up on a man who is also sharing his eggs in different baskets just like you, but you will focus on incubating your eggs so that by God's grace they will hatch into a beautiful home and marriage. 
Please make amends to avoid regrets in the future.


  1. Ur advice since yesterday sound harsh Why? Don't add ur emotional pains to ds ministry even as a Woman in an adulterous union called marriage, cos u taught Divorce was d best option.... Now u reap what you sow.

    1. Idiot lik u still exist? Hear ur self talking...who told u she's facing emotional pains? I just imagine were u were oprupted from. Silly comment.

    2. @Anonymous, i can see ur the type that hates hearing the truth, cos people like you are full of lies so you choose to hear lies and deceit, you are the greatest fool on earth to make this silly comment, and u will remain in deceit, who told you she is passing emotional pains? go back to your mother and insult her at home and don't ever come here to display ur lack of mannerism and curses that are following u around, that u inherited from stupid comments u make online. insignificant idiot.

  2. The advice isn't harsh, it just the bitter truth,and. Some truth are ment to be said in a closed manner,
    The lady is doing a very. Wrong thing engaged and still cheating if u are a man. Will u take that kind of stuff or if u are women will u,

    you see what I realised. About Amara advice is that she say the truth without the person. Feeling in consideration, and if its a mail that need encouragement and emphatic she shows it.
    It not personal at all. it just professional.
    U can have a different opinion to the advice that. Y the request er read comment n yet some still do what they feel like after all it their lives


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