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The 'Man' Every Lady Desire.

Do you know that every lady who desire to enjoy marriage have a dream man who they long to share her world with? Do you know that every lady have the baby part of her that longs for the protective arms of a man who understands who she is and appreciates her imperfect perfections. 
In this article, I will try my best to help you look into the heart of that beautiful lady and help you figure out those qualities that she longs in her Prince Charming and husband. 

God Fearing Man. 
Ask any lady the kind of man that she wish to marry, you will definitely hear God fearing from her lips. No lady jokes with a man who have a personal relationship with God, not the spiritual ones who act their lifestyle but do the opposite. Every lady longs for a man who will teach her the word of God, pray for her, pray with her, and help her grow spiritually. She wish for a man who understands that she's a priceless gift from God, to love, cherish, pamper and protect in all his endeavours. 
Are you God fearing and do you have all it takes to be the pastor in your home? 

Faithful Man 
If there's any wish every lady in the whole universe yearns for with all her being, it's for a man who is faithful, a man who won't make her feel threatened or crushed by his attitude. A man who will give his whole whole territory to her  and make her the queen of his life. She wish to be the first, the last,  and the only lady that is known to him, and she wish for a man she will wrap her world around him, and enjoy his company for the rest of her life. This is one need that many men have betrayed which have lead to so many heartbreaks, pains, and challenges in marriage. Some claim that men are polygamous in nature but I believe that if any man wish to be faithful to his partner, he will definitely achieve his vision. 
Is faithfulness to one lady possible?? Absolutely! 
Are you really a faithful man? 

Caring and Considerate Man. 
No lady is comfortable with a tyrant or a suppressive man or a man who always impose anything or everything on his partner. No lady is comfortable with a proud or an arrogant man or a man who shouts, emotionally abuse, torture, intimidate, punish or coax a lady into doing his bidding. Rather every lady desires to be part of his life to support, to suggest and to learn from him. A man who will give her the opportunity to express herself, believe in her personality and not compare her with any other lady. 
Every lady desire a man who is sensitive to her feelings, willing to accommodate her changing emotions, and treat her with respect and maturity. Every lady desire a patient, and understanding man who can figure out her mood and help her when she needs someone to talk to, and if you are caring and considerate, I can assure you that she will pay attention to you.

Mature Man 
If there is anything a lady detest in men, it's men who are immature in everything they do, from the way they think, talk, communicate and relate to others. Some men lost their partner because they have no idea what dating entails but they claimed to be ripe for a relationship with a lady. 
Some men will kiss and broadcast it to his friends, some men will go to their family and announce all the flaws and weaknesses of their wives or partners, and some will embarrass their partner in public and talk without any form of courtesy and or decorum.
There are some men who cannot make any single decision without involving his mother, friends or relatives, and there are some who take orders from their family at the detriment of the relationship or his partner.  
Truly ladies understand that relationship and marriage is not for kids, but can the same be said of most men? I doubt. 

Responsible Man. 
Everything in a lady spells responsibility and one of the things any lady looks out in her partner is the ability to take responsibility, a man who has the capacity to support her and provide the little things that she needs. She tests the responsibility of a man by his generosity and attention to details. Some men don't remember anything about their partner except the lips, the breast and her vagina. Some only care when they wish to exploit her to his own advantage but a responsible man will notice when her hair is undone, when her mood changes, when to surprise her and when to appreciate her. 

Romantic Man. 
Yeah yeah yeah, that's the second name of a lady, romance! This has little or nothing to do with what you do with a lady on the bed. It has a lot to do with how you communicate with her, how you appreciate her, how you celebrate her, communicating in her language, giving her many reasons to feel confident, and comfortable in her skin. 
She longs to know that you think about her by the things you do for her, she wants to know that you pay attention by the things you give to her, she want to know that you appreciate her by the way you listen to her and care about her worries, and she wants to experience love through you by the way you communicate love to her. 
Every lady can connect with romance. Are you romantic?? 

Fun and Real Man 
Ladies connect with happiness and joy because life is a whole lot better with happiness and love. Some men give a lady impression of a man who owns the world but in reality has borrowed to wow her, some do strange things all in the name of winning her heart but a real lady won't fall for a fake man. There are some men who are very very poor with communication. This is no secret, if you don't know how to communicate with a lady, she will definitely find it difficult falling in love with you, unless you're damn handsome, rich and gorgeous...

Industrious Man. 
Lazy men irritates ladies and no matter how much they may love you, as long as you don't have anything to do with your hands or anything that keeps you busy, well please don't expect her to adore and appreciate you. 

A Man of Vision. 
Every lady longs to marry or date an achiever no matter how little the achievement might be. They long for a man who has a vision for himself and is focused on succeeding in his vision, because that is a good sign of prospect for wealth which no lady frowns at. So if you don't have anything to offer, you may as well forget about offering your heart to a lady because she may not know what to do with it.

As a man, how many of these qualities do you possess? And how are you preparing yourself for marriage? It's never too late to work on your weaknesses and shortcomings. 
It's not always about having the financial capacity to provide anything that a lady wants, some of these attributes will go a long way to win the heart of your partner, and enjoy every moment with her. 

Now that you know, please do not forget to share with your friends to help our handsome and hardworking men understand those little things that makes a lady long to settle down with a man.

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