Thursday, September 1, 2016

Three Pastors Said He's not my Husband.

Good day ma.
I have been dating a guy since January he has come to see my parents and I have also visited his family. 
Two months back, three different pastors told me he is not my husband.
That if I marry him, I will pray to become single. Please what should I do ma? I love him very much ma and we are about taking the relationship to the next level.

What were the genuine reasons why they said that he's not your husband? What exactly did you tell them about your partner? What are the attributes and the personality of your partner? 
I am not against anyone who wish to spend his time and resources in seeking the opinions of pastors or prophets or prayer contractors, my concern with such venture is that most times many will be deceived, manipulated or lured into getting married to a wrong partner simply because the man of God said so. 
Anyone who wish to receive the best from God in all his or her endeavours must learn to seek the face of God and learn to hear from him without any iota of doubt or confusion. 
Men of God are not God, so if a man of God depend on God for everything, any individual can also seek the face of God and hear from God himself concerning any matter. 
You can decide to go for thirty days of praying and fasting so that you can seek the face of God, and allow his word to sink into your life. That way you won't need any pastor to point you to any direction, the Holy spirit will do that for you and tell you what you need to know about an individual. 
Our God is the Alpha and Omega, he is omniscience which makes him the first amongst all prophets and pastors to see tomorrow with all accuracy. So why not seek the face of God and allow him to direct your footsteps. 
Getting married to pastor's choice of partner doesn't mean that your marriage won't be tested and tried by the challenges of life. If that is what you thought, I'm here to tell you otherwise because every prosperous marriage is a product of two individuals who labored day and night, and gave their all to build their home with the word of God, and in the fear of God.
As you trust God for your own husband, please read points to consider as you trust God for your husband , allow seek the face of God in all humility of heart. You will not be disappointed or be deceived by anyone.
I will not encourage you to make your marriage decision based on what men of God said, because whatever becomes the outcome of your marriage is your sole responsibility and not the responsibility of anyone else, not even your pastor or parents. 
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