Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Am I Making The Right Decision?

Good day ma, I have been following you for sometime now and I would say I have been blessed and enlightened.  Ma please I need you and your wonderful fans to advice me like a sister on this issue that has been bothering me... Though it's a bit long but I will try to say the necessary..
I met this guy back in 2010 through a friend, he was in his year two in a private university close to my area.
We started dating in 2011, after he told me that he broke up with his girlfriend because she was misbehaving after everything he did for her.  Our relationship was going on fine till December of the same year I lost my dad, and he was very supportive, he assisted financially and was always there financially.
But two weeks after dad's burial, he called when I picked it was a lady that answered telling me that she's his ex and they are back that I should stay off, she passed the phone to my guy who confirmed that the issue they had has been resolved so I should stop calling that it's over!!.. I was devastated coupled with the fact that I was mourning my dad, that wasn't the right time to break such news, it was hard but I had to move on..
Two years after I heard he had issues with bookwork so he was asked to withdraw, meanwhile in 2012 I gained admission into the university,.. We hooked up on Facebook last year that was when he told me that he's schooling in Ghana, he was suppose to be in year three but had to drop a year on health grounds. I felt for him and when he asked me to date him again I accepted. 
We dated for like a month, I was to resume a new session, had no money and told him about it, he promised to help, asked me to borrow that he will refund which I did. I kept asking him for the money he kept posting me, today/tomorrow. Then on my birthday eve he called and I was really angry and said some harsh words. In the morning he sent me a message wishing me a happy birthday and another saying "look at the way I talked to him all because of money" it's over.... I called back, he didn't pick, sent a text he didn't reply and that was it... This year September, this same guy started chatting me up, told me he has been suffering from brain tumor all along and he never knew so that's the reason he had issues academically and the test he did revealed it... He asked me back into his life, telling me he has changed, etc.. He came over to my house, met my siblings, he was so nice and they loved him.. I went to his house though I haven't met any of his folks but he planned on introducing me to his mum this December.. He was really acting like a changed man, started making future plans with me, then I found out that I was pregnant, we both agreed to remove It, he was supposed to give me money for it but he had no money but was expecting some. 
While awaiting the cash, a friend in Paris linked me to a man who invited me over to come work there.. I told my guy about it, he was trying to convince me not to go and I was trying to make him see reasons but he said my mind was made up.. The next thing he said was if I leave him he will go ahead to tell my folks that I'm pregnant. 
Aunty I thought he was joking not until in the morning my sis showed me the message he sent her telling her everything, from the Paris to the pregnancy, that I want to run away to Paris, nobody at home knew about the Paris issue yet. My sister was disappointed, but I denied the pregnancy. I asked him about the money he promised he said since I'm leaving him he's not going to give me again that I should sort it out myself... Though I told his friend about It but still nothing happened.. I borrowed some money and was able to remove the pregnancy.. 
After some days now he's back saying we should continue that I pushed him to do what he did.. Aunty please advise me I'm confused and my folks knows him as the man I'm dating, I really want to let go finally but I just want to be sure I'm making the right decision.... I'm so sorry it's lengthy please overlook that..... 
I graduated this year awaiting service, I'm 24 going to 25.. While he's 29 in his year three.... Thanks Ma.

What other excuses do you need to move on with your life? You have someone who shuffles in and out of your life as though he's changing his boxers. Both of you have displayed your wickedness to an innocent child by aborting him after consenting to sexual intercourse. 
Now he has so many stories to tell and acts like a super kid with no element of maturity and commitment to the relationship. 
I think that you should move on with your life and return to God for mercy and healing.

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  1. Well I think you don't know what you want for yourself, you don't need that guy in your life, you need JESUS and a real man not a boy..please grow up dear.


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