Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I'm Afraid Of Staying Alone Like A Single Parent.

Good afternoon ma, I really need your advice in my relationship. I'm 27, a graduate, hardworking and industrious.  I'm in a relationship with someone I love. The issue I have here is that he is a military personnel,
he wants us to be living apart while married because of his job, but ma I'm a bit scared about this. 
Please I need your advice, I'm afraid of staying alone like a single parent.

A military personnel has no permanent base and obeys the last command of his superior in his line of duty, especially the field personnel. He may be posted to Abuja today, and then be transferred to Sokoto on Saturday. 
The nature of his job doesn't permit him to have so much time and freedom with his family, but that doesn't mean that they don't have time for their families, it only means that their time and freedom is not at their own disposal. 
If you wish to marry a military personnel, you must understand his profession and the sacrifices that comes with his profession so that you can prepare yourself and adjust to the realities of his profession. 
For some, they travel with their families, while for others they stay at one location and visit as often as is convenient for them. 
If you know that you don't have the emotional and the mental capacity to stay for a short or long time without him, please talk to him and let him know your fears and limitations so that he can decide whether to make adjustments to accommodate you anywhere he's posted or to terminate the relationship.

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