Thursday, October 13, 2016

Find It Difficult To Respect My Husband.

Have been going through your write up on daily basis, whenever I misses it, it's as if part of me is missing. Well done for your good works. 
After reading the man's story on I MIGHT JUST ENJOY THIS MARRIAGE, I was happy but also felt bad not that I am a witch who doesn't like good things, but cos I desire my marriage to be as peaceful as that. 

But since my last write-up to you, I find it hard to respect my husband, even when I know am not respecting him and wish to, it's not just coming. I even talk to him in an unusual way, he says am challenging and disrespecting him, yes he is saying the truth. Even when I told him bluntly that respect is deserved and not demanded so he should stop demanding for respect, I equally felt bad. 
Am not happy this way, this is not what I wanted for my family. Please tell me something, talk to my foolishness. How do I find peace?

I know that after your husband slept with your maid, a part of your heart was crushed and no matter what you do to make your marriage work, you find yourself thinking about all that happened in the past and why it happened to you. 
It's not an experience that one can easily forget and forge ahead with your daily routine as his wife and companion. 
I know that I suggested that you forgive him and consider accepting him into your life. It's a difficult task for you to forgive him knowing all you have invested in your marriage, but if God could forgive us of our past, present and future sins by the death of his only begotten son, I believe that we have the divine privilege to forgive those who hurt and offend us and release them from our heart. 
For you to learn to respect your husband as you did in the past you need to consider forgiving him and releasing him from your heart. You need to realise that the best way to avenge for his attitude is not by disrespecting or abusing him but by forgiving him and praying for him. 
I know that you have every legitimate reasons to detest his presence in your life but just like you, he's an ordinary human with weaknesses and shortcomings in life. I wouldn't encourage you to destroy your marriage as a result of your unforgiving spirit. Remember that the outcome of such action will affect your children. 
If you can, please forgive him and learn release him from your heart, that way, you won't struggle with respecting and honouring him as your husband. But if you feel that it is too much for you to forgive him, please consider taking a break from your marriage to help you cool off and then decide whether your marriage is workable or not.
You are the only one who can tell exactly how you feel, what you need and the best way to go for what you cherish.

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