Friday, October 14, 2016

Am I Selfish?

Good afternoon ma, Happy Sunday to you. Please I'll like you to advice me on this. I started dating this guy since Jan 2016 and the relationship wasn't really a serious one at first because we speak on phone once in a while and see maybe once in a month or so. This guy is a graduate, studied political science but not working.
Although he was working then in Abuja before he had problems and came down to Enugu up to a year plus now and no job. 
Throughout this relationship he rarely calls me let alone give me money for anything. If I complain about the communication stuff or I don't call him he'll always tell me that I know he's not working and not financially buoyant. But last month ago he started getting serious, talking about settling down and wants to come and see my people, but I told him to wait cos he's not working and I'm not working too. I'm a graduate too but no work. At least one of us should get a job cos marriage comes with lots of responsibilities. He's getting pissed of waiting and he's giving me till Sunday to give my answer. If not he'll end everything. Please what do I do? I love him. Am I being selfish?

You won't eat love but food. 
You can't have sex when you're hungry and broke. 
You won't be comfortable when you don't have any shelter under your head. 
When babies arrive, you won't tell them the tales of the political parties or the hardship in the land but will need to provide for them and train them. 
Before a man can talk of marriage, he should be able to feed himself, provide shelter and basic comfort before bringing a lady. He should have a legitimate and a stable source of income, and a lady who is willing to support and give her heart to help him grow. 
Where that is not available, please do not be deceived by his seriousness because it's an invitation to hardship and suffering. 
If he has something doing and he can provide the basic needs of every home, then you may sit down with him and plan your future together, else, please don't gamble with your life.

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  1. U really need to knw very well abt him, from him, if he is truly unemployed nw. He might be working ooooo without u knwing du to d distance btw u both..


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