Friday, October 14, 2016

My Husband is Acting Single On Facebook.

Good morning Aunty Amara! I was introduced to your page by a very good friend of mine and I have seen how you help people in their relationship and marriage. May God's blessing never cease from your life. Amen.
Please I want you to help me because am so confused on what to do.
I am traditionally married to my husband, and by God's grace our wedding will be by the first week of January next year. My husband is a very good man, he is caring and also the loving type. He has his own flaws but above all he is a husband material (lols).
But the only problem for now is Facebook. He is acting single on Facebook, his status is Facebook and he has never for once uploaded my pictures or our pictures on Facebook and he is very active on Facebook. I have talked to him about it like about three times and his response is that Facebook is a funny world, and anything he does on Facebook is not his real face. And the last time we spoke about it, it was as if it was turning into a big issue, so I told him I won't say anything about it again that he can do what he wants to do, that was how we ended the matter.
Aunty it is not that I am been insecure o! But I just want to know what to do. I really want to apply wisdom on this issue. When we started dating he had pictures of his ex in his Facebook, which he later deleted them. Though he do upload my pictures on WhatsApp, that was before I accepted his proposal for marriage. I created a fake Facebook account that I used in chatting him up, he confessed that he has a girlfriend that he loves and wish to marry but he is up to flirt with me (fake Facebook account) like I should send my nude pictures. And after that night he lost interest in chatting with me (fake Facebook account ). Anytime I chat him up, he hardly responds. So I stopped chatting with him.
Aunty am I being insecure and forget about it the Facebook issue? He once told me that when we get married he will delete his Facebook account, and that he doesn't want social media meddling in his marriage, he said it on his own but he has not deleted it till now and he is still active on Facebook. Please help me so that I don't destroy my marriage. Thanks so much.

There's so much to that Facebook account than your mind can possibly imagine. For some men, Facebook account is where they do all manner of deception, manipulation, flirting and swindling of vulnerable individuals. 
For some men, they find it difficult to share such information online to avoid breaking the heart of those who they deceived with their lies, and so that they won't have to explain so much about their deception. 
So I wouldn't encourage you to fight over his Facebook account when you are already the chosen one and you are closest to his heart. 
I will rather suggest that you focus on understanding his personality and committing your heart to building your home. 
If he gives you any reason to suspect, doubt or worry about his commitment, personality and devotion to the marriage, then you will need to address it by discussing with him. 
If you are comfortable with sharing your pictures on social media, kindly do that and tag him in the picture, that's enough to send your message across to his friends but try as much as you can to avoid making social media more important than your husband. 

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