Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I Don't Have Any Affection For Him Anymore.

Please ma, there's this guy that came asking me for a date at my 200levels, and I didn't accept him cause he's a student in final year then so I believe is skull relationship. 
Now am serving and he's working, earning good salary, so he came back in March this year that he wants us to start a serious relationship that he wants to come and see my parents for introduction, but I told him to wait cause we need to study each other first. 

Am serving in Akwa-ibom state and he's based in Port Harcourt, so we have been doing all the communication on air, so he invited me to Port Harcourt last month and I went, so when I arrived at the place, I discovered they were two living in a room and parlour with one mattress which they paired. 
I slept on the mattress the first day I arrived, but the second day, his room mate came in with one lady, and my guy moved to the parlour leaving the bedroom for his room mate, and we had to sleep on the floor. 
I asked him why but there was no reasonable reason. From that moment, I felt so discouraged about him, there I discovered his room mates comes in with different ladies everyday, and I decided to monitor my guy cause he might be living that kind of life as well. So later on I noticed he doesn't answers most of his calls when he's with me, so I discovered it was his girls over there sending and receiving different kinds of love messages from them. When I confronted him, he apologized that it won't happen again. I don't really like his character cause he doesn't take corrections, and always wants me to explain why the Maggie and Onions in the kitchen get finished. 
Ma, seriously the seven months we spent on the distance relationship was not bad, in fact he's good, it was when I visited him that I got discouraged by what I saw. A lady will call him 1am and he will still tell me they are just friends. I spent three days with him in Port Harcourt and returned back to my station. 
The problem now is that I don't love him anymore, though he has apologised that he is now a changed person, but I always feel hurt and hatred any time I sees his calls. Am trying to avoid it and love him back but honestly he's totally off my mind. It's not like am into a relationship with another person, but I don't have any affection for him anymore and is like am pitying him. 
Please ma, tell me if there is anything that I can do to make me get back to him.

Accommodation in Port Harcourt is generally expensive which is why beginners stay with others to make the financial burden easier for both of them. It may look as though your partner doesn't even have a privacy of his own but it's possible that he's saving up to rent his own apartment and have a privacy for himself. So don't judge him based on his current status, things can actually change for the better. 
My concern is his personality and commitment to the relationship and you. If he avoided picking up his calls, if his roommate brings ladies everyday, if he admitted to have changed or repented of his lifestyle, that is the reason why you should be worried about his fidelity to you.
If you can't trust him anymore, then you may need to reconsider your convictions about the relationship and decide whether it's wise and safer for you to continue with him or quit the relationship.

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