Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Did We Take A Blood Oath?

Good day and a blessed Sunday to everyone in this lovely and educating site.. Am a young girl of 23. A friend introduced me to this forum and I have been following it up since last week. I read about a blood covenant a lady wants to enter and you all went against it.. Please I want you all to clarify me if it's really a covenant I took with him..

It was a faithful day that I was with him and he brought a razor out that he wants to cut me, I was surprised and said you can't even do it that you're just joking, and he said he is serious. I said okay let him try it let's see and he just cut towards my shoulder and licked the blood coming out.
He didn't ask me to do that to him but I did that same thing he did to me.. I asked if it's a blood covenant and he said no cos we didn't agree on anything.. I confided in someone and she said it's a blood covenant I took with him unknowingly, that he is very wicked for doing that..
I confronted him again and he said no, that it's not a blood oath, I even quarrelled with him to agree but he said it's not... Am actually using his account to send this message, so please I need your candid advise and he will read it as well.. It's more than a year now that it happened, but I still want to know if really it's a blood oath.. Thanks in anticipation...

Because there was no mutual agreement before cutting your shoulder, it is not a blood covenant. However what he did was both bizarre and wicked of him, and on a very serious note he needs to tell you exactly what was going on in his mind when he brought out such a nasty attitude.
It's a characteristics of an unstable personality who can wake up one day and say that he wants to shoot you and before you know it, you're smiling from the other side of the world.
Again I will strongly advise that both of you seek the face of God with prayers and fasting and renounce any negative consequences or implication of such action. It's only blood suckers that lick blood and anything that has to do with blood is very very very sensitive to be ignored.
So both of you should schedule a seven days fasting and prayers and denounce any principalities or powers that may have any negative impact in your life, relationship and marriage in the future.
Please don't give the devil any room to destroy your lives because he doesn't pity humanity.
I pray that in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, any covenant that both of you have directly or indirectly made, whether deliberately or mistakenly, to destroy your life, destiny, ministry and purpose in life be crushed in Jesus name Amen.
I liberate both of you from the yoke of the enemy in Jesus name Amen.

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