Thursday, October 6, 2016

What Can Keep A Man?

Good evening ma, it's me again, I sincerely need words of wisdom from you and my fellow fans. It's been two months since my last relationship crashed, he is just not into me again. Before I started dating him, I prayed and asked God for a sign and truly I saw that sign, I thought it was God's will, I am really confused because I was so careful with that relationship because I hoped it would lead to marriage. 

I was awesomely supportive in many ways you can think of, I tried as much as possible not to demand for anything. I don't even nag, in short I was truly my best and I am attractive too but I guess all that can't keep a man. He just broke up with me without any good reason, I guess God has better plans. 
My questions are these, how do I handle the next relationship since the one I gave my best ended badly? I prayed to know if my last relationship is for real but it didn't even last, how do I know my king if I meet him? What can keep a man? I am thinking of being naughty, saucy, even pretend to be lazy, and milk him dry in my next relationship and if he insist and stays, then I know he is for real but I not sure if it's wise.. 
What do I do ma?

Let's assume that a man went into supermarket and he saw a diamond. He admired, appreciated and prized the diamond, he even went as far as promising to buy this diamond for his wife but immediately he left the store, he never came back for the diamond. Will you tell the store owner to disguise the diamond or to make it even more attractive and appealing to customers? I will definitely recommend that the store owner should  make the diamond more alluring and appealing that anyone who sets his or her eyes on it will not leave the store without it. 
This is how relationship is, it's a preparation ground, it exposes you to different categories and kinds of individuals. Some come online and tell you how they can't do without you, but will embarrass you when they meet you. Some will promise to marry you, take you to United Kingdom, get all that you ever wish for, but as soon as he realise how much you love him, he'll run away. 
And some will be there for you at all times, they will love you with their whole heart and appreciate your personality without judging or leaving you at your point of needs. 
So don't give up adding values and virtues to your life, don't let one bad seed spoil your heart in life and in your relationship. Keep being good, keep being kind, keep loving. Be selfless, humble, teachable and willing to learn in your journey of love. 
When you meet your king, you won't need to struggle to love him or fight to keep him. You won't need to lose yourself because he will definitely open his arms to protect you. You will experience peace of mind and the joy of being with a man who your heart have long longed for. 
There's only one person that I know that can keep a man and that one person is God. He's the only one that can work in a man in such a manner that he will never have peace of mind or be at rest until he's married to you. Tell him no sex and he's there for you, let him know your weaknesses and shortcomings and he'll still be there to support you. Let him know your inner struggles and he will choose to stand with you, he will never give up until he's married to you. 
He's the only one who I know has blessed so many women with loving husbands. He will do the same for you if only you will allow him to guide your footsteps in your relationship and not work it out with your human wisdom. 
Be positive, let go of the past experience, forgive him and forge ahead with your life. For every experience, learn the lessons but never remain bitter because we owe those we're better than forgiveness. 
The God who you serve will definitely favour you with the man of your own desire in Jesus name Amen.

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