Thursday, October 6, 2016

Why Don't I Feel Heartbroken?

Good morning ma'am. You've been doing greatly here, thanks a lot. Am writing again, I need you and my friends here to help me get some thing straight.
I recently broke up with my boyfriend due to some attitude of his I can't deal with but the thing is I don't
feel 'heartbroken' the way I hear or read about. We do not talk on phone or chat anymore after I stopped picking his calls but I religiously check his WhatsApp last seen, I sometimes feel bored and alone but like the stories I've heard about break ups, I've not been crying or lost my appetite for food, I feel so nonchalant about it.
I'm just curious ma, could it be because we never had sex so I don't feel sexually and emotionally attached to him? I loved him sincerely and hoped to spend my life with him. 
NB: We dated for close to two years.

Your values were stronger bargaining power than your emotions. Yes you loved him, wished to spend the rest of your life with him. Your meticulous interest in checking his WhatsApp and reaching out to him is a natural evidence that you truly love him and miss him. 
However, because the values you desired in him and the values that you hold to a high esteem was missing in the relationship, you found it easier to cope emotionally and move on with your life. 
If sex was on the menu, perhaps things could have taken a different look because your body will crave for more sex and your mind will be focused more on meeting the needs of your body than meeting the needs of your heart which is more important.
The summary of it is that you have made up your mind to move on with your life, there is no need to compare your emotions with that of others.

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