Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I Have Pleaded To No Avail.

Greeting Aunty Amara...Thanks for the great job you are doing here.
Please ma I want you/fans to look into this am heart broken.
I met my guy two years plus now, we were just friends not until few months back we started dating full time.
I travelled, came back meeting my guy a changed person.. I tried to know what the problem was but he refused communicating with me telling me he is fine..
I came to notice he was bankrupt, I gave him the little I had just to make him feel happy yet to no avail...

Note:: He planned coming for my introduction last month ending, but couldn't due to funds so I believe that is why he gets pissed over any small thing..
We happened to have a little quarrel based on keeping mute towards me/talking to me anyhow... He ended up breaking up with me..
I have pleaded and pleaded to no avail and am a kind of finding it difficult to move on cos of the true love I have for him.. It's all like a dream to me...How do I handle this please?
Thank you.

One of the challenges of dating baby boys is that you will have to push them to do anything, and they will embarrass you the very moment you turn your back. 
Your childish boyfriend is not emotionally mature for the kind of relationship you desire with him. He's only ripe for a casual relationship where you kiss in the dark and have sex under the stairs. Not sure he's prepared for commitment of introduction or wedding you. 
Again, you seem to be the one sponsoring, pushing, supporting and planning for him. My question is, do you desire a liability as a husband or you wish to marry a responsible man? For how long will you continue pushing and pleading with him? 
You may love him for all the good reasons but looking at the vision you have for the relationship and his attitude towards you, it's obviously clear that he doesn't want anything serious with you. 
He's only looking for an excuse or an easy way to end the relationship and this was his best option. 
I will suggest that you thank God for saving you from him and trust God for your own husband. You deserve better than this, you don't beg to be loved, accepted, cherished and appreciated by a man, if he doesn't appreciate your presence in his life, please don't force it on him.

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