Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Should I Give Him A Second Chance?

Aunty Amy, thanks for your help so far but I need your help on this. 
Am 31, l met Mr "A" four years ago, we dated for two years and broke up, after a some months he came back pleading for us to be back together, but l refused. Early this month l went for a wedding close by to his house l just decided to pay him a surprise visit of which l have told him I will visit him unaware one day.
  When I got there, l met him with a girl, l stayed with them for some minutes and headed back to the wedding venue, when he was dropping me off he said the girl is not his girlfriend, after some probes he accepted she is, that what do I expect, leaving him for the past two years. He said, if I want us back together that I should come let's discuss and forget our past. 
I told him I will think and give him feedback, yesterday he called asking me if I will visit him this weekend so we could discuss, l told him no. He now said that he have tried for us to be together, that since I don't want to, he will settle down with whoever God gave him by December, he is 40 this year.
I met Mr 'B' early this year, he is 37, he newly got a job and was living with the aunty that helped him to secure the job because he relocated, he wanted to settle down with me almost immediately, but when he introduced me to his aunt, the woman just disapproved of me with reasons he did not disclose to me, so we broke up after the incident. 
Early this week he told me he has packed into his apartment, he invited me to come and know his house l accepted oh, but what stroke me was, he said he won't come down to welcome me because his other cousins are living downstairs. 
Aunty please do you think any of them is worth giving a second chance?

Mr B is only trying to get your attention and hopefully enjoy the romping with you after which he will reaffirm his aunt's position concerning you. 
Mr A looks a bit confused and a bit honest because like he said, there's no way he would have been single waiting for you when both of you terminated the relationship and his efforts to win you back failed. 
From the tone of your mail, I feel that you are comfortable with Mr A, however my worries is, what exactly led to the termination of the relationship? Has it been addressed? Since he's already in a relationship with another lady, I am of the opinion that you forget about him and move on with your life. 
For Mr B, you shouldn't play this game because he will definitely outsmart you at the end.

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