Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Should I Wait for Him Or Move On With My Life?

Aunt, l must confess l have learnt a lot from your page, please ma help me, l need your advice, am sorry it will be a bit lengthy but I want to pour my heart because am losing it here. 
Am 31 and he is 37, am a graduate running my masters too, he got a job in October last year in my school and I met him in March via his colleagues, we got talking and he told me he wants to settle down with me. 
In April he took me to his sister that helped him secure the job, she saw me and disliked me with reasons that am not
tall, advanced in age and mostly am not working, he told me we should quit the relationship which we did. 
In August he contacted me again that he has found his own house that I should come and know his place, l went and in my subsequent visits we had sex, I found out that he does not last more than a minute in bed, he claimed it been long he had sex that's the reason. 
From all l learnt from your page, l started helping him to boost his confidence and even bought garlic and other things you counselled those with similar problem. Last month he took me to his family, it was a polygamous family and everything went well. 
I thought all is settled, one day he told me one of his brothers said he should be careful where he is going, I was like what prompted him to say so, l thought we are done with this family of a thing, l went via his phone l saw his conversations with his siblings, l found out that he even tell them any time l visit and sleeps with him. 
l got angry and confronted him, he said am l dictating how he will interact with his people, more over he has the final say in this issue that l shouldn't bother. I relaxed and thought all is fine only for him to tell me this morning that his brother took my name to a prayer and the prophet said all sorts of things which he did not tell me, and that he should go for a working class lady, that if he must marry me, l must first of all get a job which I have been trying my best but jobs are not easy to come by. 
He said we should put everything on hold for now, this is someone we have agreed to do introduction and collect list from my people this December. Please advice me, l have been crying since morning, should l move on with my life or keep waiting for him, thanks in anticipation.

Painful and devastating as your mail is, I will suggest that you move on with your life and trust God for your own husband. 
He's only looking for an excuse to dump you and marry another lady. He is simply not into you but using you to satisfy his sexual urge and perhaps meet up with his selfish interest. 
The earlier you move on with your life, the better it is for you.

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