Monday, October 17, 2016

How Do I Stop Being Jealous With His Attitude Towards Ladies?

Good morning aunty. Hope you are fine? Please post this for me. I started dating my boyfriend July this year and I must confess that he has been so caring and nice even when it's a distance relationship. He buy me gifts I like whenever he visits,
he calls me romantic names all the time even in public, can't even remember when he called my name last, he always tell me how much he loves me, he makes me feel comfortable and happy whenever I'm sad.
He is so caring, intelligent and he possess all the qualities I want in a man but the problem now is that he is too social and caring to others. I feel bad and jealous whenever he care for other ladies. At times some ladies mistake his care for something else and they will start making advances at him but he always tell them about me. We quarrel over this all the time. 
Aunty please do you think this is good, if yes, how do I stop being jealous when he behave like that?

As long as he doesn't give you any impression that he's cheating on you or that he has any intentions of dating them. As long as he doesn't lie to you or date them at your back, as long as he's transparent and honest with you and he always draw the line of friendship and relationship, please do not quarrel with him over that. 
There are some individuals who cannot help but care about others and be nice with them. He may be the type that delights in reaching out and connecting with others with little or no stress. 
You don't need to panic or lose hope, at least not immediately but take your time to understand his personality so that you can learn ways to help him understand your personality and your feelings whenever you are around him. 
With patience and understanding I believe that both of you will find a common ground and learn to respect the feelings of each other with little or no challenge.

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