Sunday, October 2, 2016

I Love Him But Not comfortable With His Place of Worship.

Good evening ma, I thank God for you have been a blessing and inspiration to us. This is my first time of writing to you and I hope to get a reply too. Sorry this might be long but please bear with me. Ma, I have an issue that I really want your advice. 
Am in a relationship which will hopefully lead to marriage.. We have similar visions, plans and everything, most of all we love, care, and respect each other.

But my problem is the religion, he is a sabbatarian while am a pentecostal though my parents are Catholics.. This religion thing was the reason why he didn't get married to his ex because her parents are pentecostal pastors and they refused. 
We recently talked about it and he made it clear that he wants us to attend sabbath once we are married but I don't want to attend sabbath. I tried to convince him let's find any other church to attend except sabbath. 
Ma, I never imagined in my life I will date and fall in love with a sabbatarian. I don't think my parents will support it too. The thought of the whole thing is weighing me down. He said I should think about it and get back to him. 
Ma, I don't know what to do, but all I know is that we wish to spend the rest of our lives together and I also wish I can convince him but I know his mind is made up so is mine.. I don't want to be a sabbatarian. 
Please ma, how do I go about this?

Though Christianity is a big umbrella of those who believe in Jesus Christ, doctrinal ethics and mode of worship differ from one church to another. 
And every church is established according to the values and virtues that they cherish. 
If you have examined sabbath and you are convinced that they do not have those values and virtues that you look out for, please do not force it because you will definitely struggle with accepting their doctrines. 
In addition to loving a man, you need to examine his spiritual foundation and compatibility so that you can easily adapt to his place of worship and not look as though you're rebellious against his place of worship. 
There is little or nothing that you can do here since he has made his stand known to you. If you can't abide, cope or adapt to his place of worship, kindly separate from him and trust God for a man who shares the same spiritual convictions with you.

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