Thursday, October 6, 2016

My Fiancée Made A Shocking Revelation To Me.

Good day Mrs. Van-Lare. Hope you're having a blissful day. God bless you for your great work and service to God and humanity. I've been your fan and I follow up your articles/write-ups, I derive so much joy reading your advices. You're my mentor when it comes to marriage issues and I introduced my girl to your page, she calls me Amara's My story will be a bit long, just want you to get the info needed.

I have a case at hand that is very important to me that I would like to share with you. I've been in a relationship for close to ten months now, in fact we're planning to walk down the isle next year. We've really grown from common friends to close friends,
we've taken time to discover each other and I can say that we're very compatible in every aspect both in life dreams and purpose, vision and plans. It's a long distance relationship, we've be ordinary friends for two years and in courtship for ten months.

However, with the way things has gone, I have intention of seeing the family this December, but that's after I must have talked to my dad. Because every other person in my family knows and loves her. So I've planned telling my dad next month, but few days ago, she called that she would want to discuss something with me and I asked her to go on.
To make the story short, she said that about some years ago, she was infected with HIV and she is positive. She never knew until she travelled outside Nigeria and fell sick and test confirmed that.
Since then she has been receiving treatment and responding and the virus is undetectable in her. She never wanted to tell me, cause I have plans of joining her, her counselor and nurse asked her to not inform me until I come, but she said no.

The counselor and nurse said we can go on with whatever plan we have and I wish to go on. I really love this girl, she's my perfect match and I can't see myself losing her. We're both strong Christians and we're strongly believing God for a change of status. She's okay, healthy and no concern on her health.
Ma, please I really want to know your opinion on this. As what you say will strengthen us more.
I'll be waiting for your reply.
Thanks and God bless.

There is nothing impossible for God to do, and there's no sickness or infection that love, mutual understanding, and selfless devotion cannot overcome. 
Both of you have come a long way and have found fulfilment and peace of mind in each other, sickness can't be a hindrance to the bonds of love that you share with her. 
We're not defined by temporary affliction but by our vision and purpose in life, and whether HIV or malaria, the body is always vulnerable to sickness not our soul. 
I want you to be strong and positive, you can go ahead with your plans if you choose to, you only need to take some precautions to avoid being infected with HIV virus. 
Both of you can have healthy children who are not infected with HIV, and both of you can fulfil your days and purpose on earth with each other.
Please do not disclose her HIV status to anyone, this should be known to you and your partner only, encourage her to always take her drugs while we trust God for a change of status, always protect yourself when making love to her, and go for counselling with her so that both of you will be guided on how you can go about procreation with your partner.
The greatest affliction to humanity is not sickness but a heart without God's love, so pray for God's grace, wisdom and wisdom to love, support, and bring out the best in her.
I love your genuine heart of love and I pray that God will grant the very desires of your heart in Jesus name Amen.


  1. May the LORD help you both, what a genuine love..please take to aunty Amara's advice and we pray all will be well with you both

  2. I believe wit aunty Amara's advice U both iz gonna enjoy each other



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