Friday, October 28, 2016

My Husband Flirts And Sleeps With Many Girls.

Aunty Amara please help advice me on this. Am married for a year now, I stumbled  on my husband's  Facebook and I saw that he has been chatting, flirting, and slept with many girls on Facebook.  

When I asked him about it, he just apologized once, and his actions after didn't even show he is sorry. I decided to forgive him and even talk things over with him for peace to reign. 
This happened  last week,  but today I noticed  he has passworded all his social media on his phone because I know his phone password,  so I won't have access to it again. Should I ask him about it or just let it be?

If you must know the truth, just know that old habits doesn't die so easily. So it's left for you to protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections, and also learn to live with the realities of his personality. 
Whether you ask him about it or not, it won't change the fact that there's something that he's hiding from you, so in my opinion I will suggest that you don't ask him of it, but leave everything to God who knows how to unravel the secrets of men.
He's a flirt, he probably sleeps with other ladies, and he's pretty much comfortable with that. 
Even if you decide to report to his family or anyone else, he will only apologise and perhaps continue with his habit. 
The only available option is to pray for him and hope that someday he will repent of his own ways and do what is right.

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