Friday, October 28, 2016

My Husband Abandons Me At Every Little Misunderstanding.

God bless you who created this page and everyone that made it a reality. I need good and encouraging advice from you guys. I'm a trying to conceive mother for getting to three years now. I'm grieved in spirit and soul now. Each time my hubby and I have a misunderstanding over a common thing, he will just leave the house
for me and sleep outside, sometime for more than one week.
On Monday he asked me to dress up in the night for us hang out which I did, he left me in the car and went to ATM to withdraw money, I was on Facebook viewing his ex's pictures and immediately I saw him I swift to another page and he noticed it and felt I was chatting with another man which I didn't . 
We returned home that night without hanging out again, what he told me was that he will not come back home for that night and I thought he was joking but he did. And I later sent a text message to him and told him what actually happened but he still did what pleased him. 
It makes me feel inferior in this marriage, how can I stay alone in a three bedroom apartment, no child, and nobody around me. He never caught me cheating through chatting or calls but he cheats on me. I don't have access to his phone but he have mine. 
My question is how can a man who call himself a husband be behaving like that without reasoning he is into marriage? He will never respect my feelings for once, this has been eating me up and I don't have anything doing cos I just passed out from NYSC this month. What can I do to end up this mess? Assuming I have children it will not affect me this way.

I feel that you should involve your family and his family in this so that they can intervene and hopefully help him understand your plight and challenges in your marriage. 
Abandoning you at every slightest provocation doesn't portray him as a man who understands his commitment to marriage no matter what the excuse or the misunderstanding was. 
Both of you needs some counselling to help him understand his roles and responsibilities, and also help you understand his personality and how to manage his emotions.

I pray that God will bless your marriage with fruits of the womb so that your joy shall be full in Jesus name Amen.

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