Monday, October 10, 2016

Should I File Visa Application For My Husband Or Mum?

Good day aunty Amy. God bless you greatly ma. Please ma I have something that has been bothering me lately and your urgent advice is needed please. I'm torn between who to file for. 
Ma, my initial plan was to file for my mum to join me here in the states but something happened that make me to put it on hold for now
reason was because I have sent her money twice to do her passport but she exhausted the money which I kind of figured that maybe she is not ready to travel out of the country.
But my major problem now is that I recently just got married last month and decided that I will file for my husband to come join me here in the states. But only today my uncle came to me and told me if I were to file for anybody that it should be my mother that my husband can wait. 
To be sincere ma I really wanted my husband here with me, then my mum I can file for later. Please ma advice me as your sister or daughter because as it is now I'm very confused on what to do next.

When you need intimate time, who will meet your needs more, hubby or mummy? 
When you need a companion to share your thoughts with, who will you prefer more, mummy or hubby?
Considering that you are newly married to your husband, which is more convenient for you, leaving the states to join your husband or bringing your husband to the states?
If your dad is alive and she has someone that will keep her company, why the pressure to bring her to the states? 
You are the one who knows what you need most and who will meet your immediate needs with little or no struggle. 
I will suggest that you file for the person whose presence you desire most. 
Left for me I will suggest that you consider your husband first and hopefully bring your mother when you put to bed nine months from now, but that's just my opinion, if you feel that your mother is the most important person to bring to the states, then file for her while you pray and fast that your husband will remain faithful to you while he waits for you.

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  1. Can you process your husband's visa please, it's not healthy for couples to be apart from each other later on, you can invite your mum other.


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