Sunday, October 9, 2016

He's Confused About Who To Marry.

Good evening ma. Please ma advice us on how to handle this issue. There is a guy he is a cousin to my direct cousin, I met him in my cousin's house one day. After our discussion he collected my number from me, he was madly in love with me but then I did not give him attention that time early 2014.

The same year October I got married but the marriage did not last up to a year, no child, no white wedding, no traditional marriage but he has done all the necessary things.
So this same guy saw me again and still loves me, even his mum came to my village to visit her sister who is my uncle's wife, she saw me and picked interest, started calling me her daughter-in-law, that her son will marry me even when she knew my past story. Her son called me and was telling me how much his mum likes me, but the problem there now is that according to the guy there is a girl he met in June this year and the girl left her boyfriend because of him, which he did not ask her to do or propose to her, and she did not have all the qualities he needed too, and he did not love the girl both his parents, but he loves me more than the girl and he doesn't know how to let the girl know about it because of how she dumped her guy.
He is now confused on what to do, whether to go with the girl because of the sacrifices she made cos of him or to follow me, that some people are telling him that the love will grow. Please ma direct him on what to do cos he is confused right now thanks.

I would have gladly offered to direct him if he was a little small boy who perhaps doesn't know anything about life. Trust me, I will definitely make sure that I hand him over to his mother to protect him from getting hurt.
But we're talking about an old man who is old enough to decide what he wants for himself, and who he feels is best for him.
So I think that you are the one that needs advice because someone is already playing with your emotions and feeding your ears with his moonlight tales.
If he's confused according to you, that is the more reason why you should distance yourself from him, so that your presence doesn't make him more confused.
All these stories he's making up for you is as good as irrelevant because his heart knows exactly what he wants. So whether his mother loves you and his father have approved of you doesn't mean that he must marry you.
So give him some space and stop choking him with your attention. Allow him to focus on his relationship and stop seeking sympathy from him.
If he loves you, he won't need anyone's opinions or suggestions to decide whether to terminate the relationship with anyone else or not.

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