Sunday, October 9, 2016

I Feel So Lonely, Pressured, And Left Out.

Happy Sunday Aunty Amara.
God bless you for the good work. I liked your page a few months back and am really learning a lot.
Am a 25 years old lady, by God's grace am done with school and started work. Am doing really well by Gods grace and I thank Him soo much.

For the last six months everyone around me seems to be getting married and I feel soo pressured. 
Though I have a partner who is soo kind and loves me, he's not yet ready for marriage cos he has to finish up with his masters program. I don't want it to seem as though am pushing him to marry me.
I need some words of encouragement, I feel soo lonely and left out .
Sometimes I cry when am alone .

Let me whisper into your heart, you are so beautiful and lovely to let what is happening around you break you down. 
Always remind your heart of these words.

It's normal for you to feel left out, lonely, and worried especially when you attend the wedding of your friends and it seems as though you're all alone. 
I also know how some female married friends indirectly rub it in on their friends that they're married and don't have time for you anymore. From the beginning of the word hi to bye, they're telling you about their husband and how they can't live without him. Sure that hurts, but you don't need to lose yourself. 
Life is never a competition, our path and purpose in life is never the same, so there's no need for comparison. 
Utilise this opportunity to prepare yourself, remember that your partner is only preparing himself and expanding his capacity to carry the responsibilities that comes with marriage. 
I believe that once he's done with his programme, both of you will unite with each other and enjoy the marriage of your youth. 
Rejoice with your friends but don't lose your peace of mind, don't forget that every second you spend preparing for marriage will definitely make you a better and wiser lady for your husband.
Maximise every opportunity you have to communicate with your partner and grow in love with him. Discuss your concerns with him and take your time to understand his vision and purpose in life, so that you don't feel like a stranger in the life of your partner. 
Pray for your relationship and entrust everything to God who makes everything beautiful in his own time. 
Hopefully by this time next year, I know that you will be smiling with your husband.

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  1. Ready to marry bt i ain't financially fit. I'm a guy of 31yrs of age, Contact me if U re ready



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