Sunday, October 9, 2016

Is Working For Him A Good Idea?

Am a 22 years old 400level undergraduate, I met a man last month and we went out on a date, that day he told me he really likes me and is coming for marriage not dating and that he wants us to get married before the end of the year, and I told him that I don't know him well to enter into marriage with him.

So he told me to come and start working for him in his business setup now that we are on break before I go back to enable us see more often. Ma please is working for him a good idea? I have already started the work.
Ma he is 41 years and I am 22 years. Is the age difference much??? Thank you, please post before I fall inside a ditch, God bless you.

Because you asked about the age difference, let me help you with the calculation. 41 — 22 = 19
What is much for me, maybe less to you, and what I need in my own partner maybe different from what you desire in your partner. This is why you are the only person who can tell whether the age difference is so much, and whether your love for him is more than your concern about his age.
Working for him may not provide the enabling environment for you to date him but for you to serve him, and like you said, work for him. That is a servant—boss relationship and not boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.
What exactly do you want in life? You sound like a lady who wants to rush into marriage immediately after graduation ceremony, but are you sure that he's exactly what you want or are you going for what is available?
My suggestion is that you evaluate what you want, then take your time and prepare for marriage before getting married to a man.
What was his previous relationship like? Was he married before? Who is he and what is his vision for the relationship? What exactly is his plans for you? Are you in love with him or in love with what you can gain? Are you comfortable with his personality and proud of him? Are you prepared emotionally and mentally for some of the compatibility challenges that you may experience in your marriage?
Answers to these questions will guide you in making the best decision on whether to continue with him or move on with your life.

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