Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Does He Want To Break Up With Me?

Good evening Aunty Amara, hope you're fine? Am sorry for disturbing you again. Aunty I need your help, I told you earlier about my ex that was retrenched from work when we were dating and then during that period, he stopped calling of which I do all the calling, then when I stopped calling too, everything ended. 

Aunty am facing the same problem again, I started dating this guy ending of last year, he has been so good to me and am trying my best too, although it's a long distance relationship, we are still cool.  Then early March this year, he told me that they suspended operations because of the decrease in oil price, (He works offshore) and since then till now he have not gone to work. So we talk well on phone and since then we have seen each other only three times. 
Aunty the problem now is that he stopped calling me, am the one calling and sometimes he will promise to call back but will not call back as promised. Am just confused, I don't know how to go about it, even if he wants to break up, I don't want it to be this way, maybe if I stop calling now it will end like the previous one. Thank you ma'am for creating time for me. God bless you plenty

That a man lost a job doesn't mean that he can't communicate with you. These days, communicating is so flexible that you can adopt any option that you're comfortable with. It maybe chatting, short phone calls, Internet calls and the likes. 
The truth is that if he's in love with you, he will definitely give his all to reach out to you and bond with you. A wounded man seeks affection most, so it's not the job loss that is affecting the communication in your relationship, he's distracted by someone else or something else. 
My suggestion would be to give him some space and time, observe the events and his reactions. If he reaches out to you, then you may then ask him why he doesn't communicate with you. 
If he doesn't call or reach out to you, it's obvious that you have been in a single-ship and not in a relationship.

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