Monday, November 14, 2016

Am Sick and Tired of Being Treated Like a Sex Object

Good morning ma, I want to write my own problems here, please ma l need kindly your advise. Am young girl at the age of 26 years. Ma, am sick and tired of men seeing me as a sex object.. If I meet guy, he will like me and he will like to have sex with me, but he will not be interested in a serious relationship.
I met one guy last month and he wants a serious relationship with me. But he was asking me to come and visit him since last week that he was feeling horny, I told him l can't do that and he said that am not serious to settle down. Not only him ma, they are many.
Ma l don't want to have sex with any man again until that person meets my parents. But ma if I don't agree with them, it seems am chasing my suitors away, am sick and tired of jumping from one man to another. 
Ma please tell me what to do. Thanks and God bless you.

Don't be discouraged or be worried by the perception of others about your relationship. What it seems doesn't make it what is happening, simply remain focused and resolute on your decision and convictions to keep your body for the right man. 
If he feels horny, he should prepare for marriage and not to use your body and then dump you for another lady. 
You deserve better than that, please don't settle for anything less.

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