Monday, November 14, 2016

Must Every Relationship Involve Sex?

Good afternoon dear Amara, I am happy for this platform, please I really need your advice, I am confused and heartbroken.
Since I was growing up I decided not to have sex with no guy except my future husband. I have been having failed relationships because of no sex,
they will come but when they see that I am not ready to offer my body they will just go.
Note: I don't beg for anything from them because I know the outcome, I manage what I have.
Now at 27 still a virgin, and whenever I experience a breakup, I will send the person all kinds of SMS out of anger. Now I want to stay away from relationship for now and mind my business. My questions are, is my decision good? Does it mean that every relationship must involve sex? Please advice me, I am confused, I really want to settle down. Thanks

No matter the pressure you may experience in your relationship, please do not compromise on your convictions. It maybe generally acceptable to many to have sex in their relationship but it doesn't make it the right thing to do.
Even if twenty men insist on sex in a relationship, do not yield to the pressure because if you have to keep a man with sex, there's no guarantee that he will stick to you. He may leave you for another lady whose vagina is tighter, or fairer or a lady whose breast is firmer and tender.
Who do you wish to please with your body? Your God or a man whose intentions for a relationship is sex?
You don't need to feel angry or worried, be firm, be focused and entrust everything in God's hands who have already prepared your husband for you.
You have more to gain putting sex in the shelve until marriage than you would gain exposing yourself to men who is out to ruin your life and future.

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