Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I Detest Men in Uniform.

Good day aunty Amara..I have a serious issue that's bothering me..
I'm a girl of 24 years.. there's this guy I have known for five years now.. He's been on my neck asking for my hands in marriage.. At first I never liked him because of the age difference, he's 36.
Recently I'm beginning to like him but there's one big snag..I hate his job!.. He's a marine police officer and I generally detest men in uniform( don't mind my language).. He's caring and nice though, and he's been trying to convince me there's nothing wrong with his job but sincerely I don't know what to do...
They say a problem shared is half solved..well, I'm looking forward to your reply.. Thanks muchos!!..

As long as he's making legitimate effort to meet up with his responsibilities, as long as his source of income is genuine and honest,  as long as he's not into any criminal or illegal activities, I have no idea why you should use a word like detest to describe a job that is sustaining and catering for his needs. 
Whether he's a cobbler or a banker, whether he's a mason man or a carpenter, whether he's a teacher or a lawyer, if he's responsible and he's striving to provide solution to the needs of humanity, he deserves some appreciation and respect for his efforts in life. 

That a man is in a uniform job doesn't mean that he has no good attributes or that he's corrupt and evil.
If you feel that he's not good enough for you because of his age and his kind of job, please let him be and don't criticise his job when you cannot provide any alternative for him. 
You've known him according to you for five years, and out of those five years you cannot tell any good quality you admire in his personality or his vision or his purpose in life or his passion as an individual. 
You didn't like him because of his age, and now you're here telling me that you detest his job. Well, I will encourage you to wake up from your fantasy dreams and look deep down into your heart, and ask yourself what exactly you want in life and in a man. 
List the values and virtues you're looking for in your partner and decide whether he's what you need or not. Don't keep him if you don't love him and everything about him.

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