Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My Boyfriend Impregnated Another Lady.

Good day Avl. I'm traumatised right now, three weeks ago my boyfriend called me that he cheated on me two months ago when he travelled to Abuja and met his childhood old friend.
The lady told him she's pregnant for him but have aborted it, I asked why he swore he wasn't the one that told her to abort it.
I cried in pains but he assured me never to do such again cos I trust him a lot.
Just yesterday evening he called me that the girl have involved his family, that she's pregnant and his mother and sister have told the girl's family that they will take care of the child, and when my guy is ready for marriage he will come for their daughter. And they're pushing him to go for the girl introduction cos they are from the same neighbouring town. He was pleading that he needed me most to fight this battle but in tears I was cursing him. We have sacrificed a lot in this relationship, planning to settle down next cos is a distance relationship. What should I do cos I don't know my left from my right. Advice me please.

Give him some space and allow him to decide what to do at this point in his life. The deed has been done, if the lady is pregnant, he simply needs to manage this and focus on ensuring that the lady and his baby are in good condition. 
That he got a lady pregnant doesn't mean that he must marry her, and that her family is pressurising him doesn't mean that he should go for who he's not comfortable with. 
For you, the relationship is no longer what it's used to be, and things will never remain the same. If he could cheat on you now, there is every possibility that he will cheat on you even if you are married to him. If the baby belongs to him, you will need to make accommodation and provision for his child if you still wish to continue with him. 
Again, you need to put sentiments apart and decide whether he's truly what you want in your husband and in your marriage. You may have sacrificed so much but he's not the right one for you, so you need to look at these circumstances not from the point of what you gave but from the point of what you need in your marriage so that you don't get married to a man you are not comfortable with or proud of. 
Forgive him, pray for him and give him some space and time to reorganise himself and decide whether to continue with you or with his pregnant partner, and avoid pushing yourself to him. If both of you are destined for each other, God will perfect it in due course.

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